Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bo & Jason are married!

Bo and Jason got married at the Tewksbury Country Club. What a beautiful venue! And I know they were a little bummed about not getting married outside, but it was seriously so gorgeous inside that it didn't matter; and the resulting sky and clouds after the rainstorm that only lasted as long as their ceremony was worth it.

Guys getting ready:

Jason's dad surprised his mom by renewing their vows - this was their anniversary! How sweet!the dress!
getting into the dress is such a process compared to what the guys do!

Doesn't she look like a model?!

the rings rarely go on smoothly!

a mini Marilyn Monroe moment!

See- look at those clouds!!

but the inside isn't anything to scoff at

be careful! She's tough!
hahaha- these two were not nervous to be in front of people. They were hysterical!

I love this last look, it took my breath away when I took it and I love seeing the photo again.

Now let's design that album!! Woo hoo!

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