Sunday, July 20, 2008


John & Danielle's wedding was fabulous! The location was great, they both looked beautiful and they succeeded in having a big 'ole party, even though it was the afternoon!

To see more of this awesome couple, see their engagement shots (here) and the teasers from their wedding (here)

Where? Lakeview Pavilion in Foxboro, MA, one of our new favorite venues! The staff was super helpful and the location was amazing.

punch it out. ;)

John watching Danielle. I love this moment.
first dance
what a cake!

a very intense game of limbo...
.. and a little cheating! ;)

things got a little crazy!

These were some of the best groomsmen ever- they all loved each other and were great fun!

this is John showing off his sweet dance moves!

Here's a spotlight on a few of the details- love the pink & green theme!


Jen said...

Heather! Do you remember me?? We shot in providence together.. I am now in San Diego and just checking in with you and I see you have been BUUUSYY :) That is awesome. I LOVE that first dance shot above..the one with the lights twinkling and the couple all alone on the dance floor, what a beautiful photograph!!

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