Friday, November 30, 2007


Here's a sneak peek at Heather & Tom's wedding~ I've only edited Heather getting ready, so there's no Tom yet. But I am excited and want to show you some early! A lot are in b&w because Heather loves b&w (as do I- great Heathers think alike).

Heather- You're now famous!

The day was hard for this little man. It got better once he got his monster truck :)

I don't know what Heather's mom said here but Heather's face is priceless!

A little different technique...

Some of the last steps of a single lady!

Getting ready with Heather and her family was so fun- even Jesse came and wasn't overwhelmed by the estrogen. Though he and Heather's step-dad did make fun of female bonding rituals on several occasions, but can you blame them?

I won't be able to post more for a few days, so enjoy these for now!

Wedding Info:
Reception: Leicester Country Club, Leicester, MA
Cake: By Penny Eagleton

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