Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cute baby creativity

It’s so easy for wedding photographers to get “stuck in the rut” of wedding photography. Let’s face it: Many weddings are the same, and if you get a formula that works, it’s hard to try something new. That’s why I love being new at this: We’re still figuring out our formulas and we’re really excited about staying fresh and current. We’ve done millions of hours of research on what we like and don’t like about wedding photography; and what we don’t like is seeming stale or uniformed about trends. So we’re adding different things to our portfolio, like this photocard above. (This one’s a little crazy - but so is MacKenzie! We’ll have traditional and sweet examples soon. This is so cutting edge that we haven’t even made them yet!) They are custom-designed so that your wedding doesn’t feel like the same as everyone else’s. Instead it’s a representation of who you are and what brought the two of you together. More to come!!!

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